UCEP Bangladesh was established by Mr. Lindsay Allan Cheyne, a New Zealander in 1972. With the motto ‘Help to Learn, Skills to Earn’, UCEP Bangladesh is a non-governmental organization which provides Second Chance Education to out-of-school children and Decent Work to youth & adults through Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) and Skills Development. It has a special focus on Social Inclusion, therefore gives priority to females, children & youth from poor and underprivileged families.

At present, UCEP Bangladesh is governed by the UCEP Bangladesh Association, comprising of 43 voluntary members of whom 7 are elected to serve as the Board of Governors (BoG) for a two years’ term. The management of UCEP Bangladesh is led by the Executive Director (ED) and a Senior Management Team (SMT), supported by Regional Management Team (RMT).

UCEP Bangladesh works to bring more children and youth, who have dropped out of school, back to General and Technical Education, as well as engage families and communities to provide support to their children’s education, training and employment. UCEP Bangladesh aims to build partnership with the government, employers, organizations and other stakeholders to foster the institutionalization and sustainability process of the efforts and promote the “Leave No One Behind” campaign by focusing on Social Inclusion.


Bangladesh has 35 Technical Schools, 11 TVET Institutes, 7 TVET Outreach
Centers, 2 Polytechnic Institutes and 3 Professional Institutes through which
they are providing education, skills training, and technical assistance.

Bangladesh has been working in 8 divisions in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has been contributing directly to SDG 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 and
indirectly to SDG 1 & 2.

Bangladesh Programmes: 


Institute of Science and Technology (UIST), Dhaka
is a Higher Educational Institution
under UCEP Social Development Program.