UIST has been established with kind support of organizations and individuals. While there is a cost-recovery model for running UIST for which the students have to pay fees, it is also obvious that many of the students are coming from such family background who often find it difficult to carry the costs. For such students, we continuously look for sponsors. You can either sponsor full or partial of one or more number of student.

We also welcome endowment fund, which means that your donated amount would be kept in Bank and the interest earned from the deposited amount would be used to sponsor appropriate number of students. In such cases, you can chose to give the scholarship a name such as it could be dedicated to your father’s name or someone you chose.

We also need donation to upgrade and scale-up our services. In addition to cash donation, we also welcome donation of computer, equipment, furniture and so on. Depending on the size of your donation, we are ready to discuss any brand name promotion that you might be interested about.

All donations made to UIST are audited yearly by professional audit firms. Besides, UCEP Bangladesh ensures donors report to all the donors in a systematic manner.

If you are interested to sponsor any student or to donate in any other way, please contact or mail to:

Tel: +8801791416693